Carnaval Parades Through San Francisco

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It is not hard to recognize when Carnaval comes through San Francisco. The two-day display of culture, color, music, and all-around revelry celebrated 37 years on May 23-24. One of the main events—The Grand Parade through the Mission District—featured elaborately costumed dancers, lively musicians, and community groups from around the Bay. Thousands of spectators lined the streets and many could not resist stepping into the parade to dance along with parade participants.

This year’s Carnaval theme was Agua Sagrada—Spanish for “Sacred Water.” According to Carnaval’s website, the theme symbolizes “… the universal reverence for the most basic element of life.” Posters reminded attendees that “cada gota cuenta,” or, “every drop counts.”

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Words and Photos by Kate Gonzales.

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Go Get Lost in this Elliott Smith Tribute.

My latest TUBE. article: a review of Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith.

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Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett on stage at The  Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco CA, 2015.  Photo Melissa Uroff. Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett on stage at Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco CA, 2015. Photo Melissa Uroff.

What began as an impromptu backstage duet has resulted in an incredible Elliott Smith cover album that breathes new life into the late musician’s work.

In March, the album Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith was released after nearly three years of collaboration.

In 2011, Mayfield was opening for Avett’s band, The Avett Brothers. When he began playing Smith’s song Twilight on piano, Mayfield sang along. From there, this unique project was born.

“Seth kept the ball rolling,” Mayfield said. “Encouraging the sending back and forth of voice memos. … Eventually we found ways to get together and make this project happen.”

For the love of music, it is a good thing they did. The resulting 12-song album is a real tribute to Smith, who became a…

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Coming Full Circle: Meet Laura Matranga.

My most recent feature for TUBE. Magazine: a little somethin’ on Asbestos Press designer/owner Laura Matranga.

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Kate Gonzales_TUBE_Magazine_Asbestos Press_2After nearly a decade working in the corporate world, Sacramento designer Laura Matranga is returning to her independent roots. Matranga has run her graphic design and printmaking business, Asbestos Press, since 2005. She wanted to be a graphic designer before she even knew what term meant.

As a teenager growing up a small Bay Area town, she started a zine called That Weird Guy Matt. Looking back she says the zine was amateur, but for her, the fun – and valuable experience – was in the layout. “I would make these huge collages, and that is where a lot of this started,” she said.

Matranga's Words on Walls mural design in Del Paso Heights  (photo courtesy Asbestos Press). Matranga’s Words on Walls mural design in Del Paso Heights (photo courtesy Asbestos Press).

Those were the days of waiting in line at Kinko’s – when a machine capable of blue and red prints was cutting-edge technology.

She remembers waiting in line at Kinko’s —…

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A little art, a little therapy: Meet Rosaura Unangst

My most recent project for TUBE. Magazine, an article on Pigment & Parchment owner Rosaura Unangst

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In her midtown apartment, Rosaura Unangst rolls out a sheet of white paper and paints thick, black letters in long strokes. She’s not just painting; her work goes beyond the aesthetic.
Unangst, 27, is passionate about spreading the message of the benefits of creating art.
“Making and creating things with your own hands is … a massively good thing you can do for yourself – health-wise, mind, body, spirit,” she said. “There’s something that just comes from (creating) … you don’t get from anywhere else.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
An artist since childhood, Unangst is the one-woman show of color and creativity behind Pigment & Parchment, her latest business venture. Through P&P, the painter/illustrator whose style charms with nostalgic feel offers custom cards, home and event décor, and other one-of-a-kind items. She also offers workshops in watercolor, hand lettering, and calligraphy in her aim to spread a love of learning.
For years, Unangst…

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The Totally TUBE.ular Sale!!!!

Get TUBE-ular … help us with your stuff.

TUBE. Magazine

Hello World!

It is time for TUBE. to print our first issue!!!

To help offset costs we are throwing a Totally TUBE.ular Sale with our pals at Phono Select Records.  We are now asking for donations of gently used items.  You know those band T-shirts in the back of your closet, we want them.  That old RD gas tank you’re still hanging on to, we’ll take that too. Remember that time you thought you’d take a watercolor class and never opened the paint brushes, we will find them a good home.  We need your help to make this sale and our first issue a success, so clean out your clutter and give it to a good cause, TUBE.

Things we are currently seeking

Band Merch.  This means shirts, buttons, posters…all the good stuff.


Music. Records, Cassettes, CDs.


Vintage clothing both adult and kids.

Quirky Home Decor.


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Del Paso design market delights

My latest feature for TUBE. Magazine!

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On Del Paso Boulevard, there’s a place where designers, artisans and chefs come together to provide a vibrant shopping experience unique to the area. And it’s GOOD.

GOOD: street food + design market celebrated its birthday in early July – marking its third year as a destination dedicated as much to the culture as the products. The market, held the first Sunday of the month from June to December, promotes a deeper connection between shopper and the origin of the goods we consume.

“It’s a modern-day marketplace that highlights the local economy, local designers, artists, chefs, bartenders, that are all part of this progressive culture,” said Roshaun Davis. Davis and his wife Maritza run GOOD through their event agency, Unseen Heroes.
The market launched in 2012 as part of Del Paso Boulevard Partnership’s effort to rebrand the area as a design district. It is co-presented between Unseen Heroes and Del…

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A trashy tradition returns to the Crest.

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It’s a great time of year for Sacramento’s horror-loving, trash-talking, cult film buffs.


The Trash Film Orgy 2014 kicked off Saturday and runs weekly through Aug. 15 at the historic Crest Theatre on K Street. In its 14th year, the midnight movie film fest is a city staple that celebrates exploitation and cult classics. It features a live bloody stage show before the film complete with sexy ladies and rock ‘n’ roll, photo booths, costume contests, and plenty of rowdy audience participation.

This year’s midnight series:

Saturday, July 19 – Pink Flamingos

Saturday, July 26 – Cannibal! The Musical

Saturday, August 2 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Saturday, August 9 – The Thing

Friday, August 15 – Showgirls

If you expect an atmosphere of respect for conventional movie theater etiquette, Trash Film Orgy is not for you. But all are welcome who want to one-up fellow moviegoers’…

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